How GigSalad keeps ahead of Core Web Vitals

Industry: Entertainment
Country: United States

In this case study, John Bacon talks about how GigSalad uses DebugBear.

What problem were you trying to solve?

GigSalad's performance hadn't been optimized in quite some time, particularly on mobile. Google's Core Web Vitals shined a light on web performance and re-iterated its importance to user experience and business metrics. We knew we wanted to improve.

We needed to understand how our site was and wasn't performing up to our standards, and we wanted to measure how the changes we made did or didn't help us raise those standards over time. We needed the ability to easily see Core Web Vitals, the ability to dig deep and get answer the "why," and the ability to keep performance in mind through Slack and other integrations.

What made you choose DebugBear over other products?

DebugBear has a few things that make it stand out. First, it's easy to get an overview of performance over time. DebugBear's dashboard provides an easy glance at how we're doing.

At the same time, we're able examine each result in a developer-friendly way. By comparing results, seeing what was added and removed, and understanding how our Core Web Vitals are and aren't changing, DebugBear most easily got us the answers we were looking for.

On top of that, DebugBear gave us the confidence we needed. With an option to take the median result from any given sample, and the option to apply "stats mode" over time, we are sure that the data DebugBear reports isn't the result of variability ("the inherent variability in web and network technologies," as Google puts it).

This combination of general and specific information is why we chose DebugBear over its competitors.

What's an example of how your team has benefitted from DebugBear?

DebugBear's Slack notifications inform of us when we inadvertantly ship a change that worsens our performance.

We also use DebugBear to celebrate the wins we launch in our team's #engineering channel.

Over a period of many months, DebugBear has been great for keeping an eye on long-term progress toward our goals.

Is there anything else you'd like to say about DebugBear?

Matt at DebugBear is always ready with a thoughtful response and adds feature requests that make sense for the product. When we had issues understanding how to monitor our logged-in app, he was there to help us out in no time. Compare it to the others! You won't be disappointed.

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