Monitor Lighthouse scores

Get notified when your website's Lighthouse scores go down.

See what audit caused the problem and what to do about it.
Lighthouse score monitoring dashboard

Get alerts by email or in Slack

Intelligent alerts

Track audit scores and get a notification when there's a problem. Get a detailed breakdown of any issues.

Slack integration

Keep your team updated by reporting Lighthouse score degradations in Slack.

Define budgets

Set a performance budget to get alerted if your Performance, Best Practices, Accessibility, or SEO scores go below a certain threshold.

Lighthouse score monitoring
Per-file size history chart

Gain insight

View the full Lighthouse report

Every time DebugBear analyzes your site it saves the full Lighthouse report for you to view.

Track page weight and bundle size

See what's making your site slow. If you're building a JavaScript app, DebugBear can keep track of individual bundles and show you which ones got bigger over time.

How it works

Nothing to install

Just tell us what pages you want to monitor and we'll do the rest.

Daily or hourly monitoring

DebugBear will analyze your page either once a day or once an hour. You'll be notified if a regression was detected.

Advanced features

Monitor pages that require login. Control page behavior like GDPR popups with custom scripts. Block analytics or content that's expected to change frequently.

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