Alternative to Google PageSpeed Insights

Test the site speed and Core Web Vitals of your website.

Run A Free Site Speed Test
Alternative test result to PageSpeed Insights

Get An In-Depth Site Speed Report

See how your website loads

Review the loading process of your website step by step with a filmstrip view, or play a video recording of how a user would have experienced it.

Detailed Request Waterfall

DebugBear provides a detailed report on what resources your website loads and what's holding back rendering.

Custom Performance Recommendations

Lighthouse-based tools like PageSpeed Insights provide a lot of performance recommendations, but they're not always actionable. Our tool surfaces opportunities for improvement and explains how you can apply them to your website.

Website rendering filmstrip

Core Web Vitals Lab And Field Data

Performance testing in a controlled lab environment

We set up a controlled lab environment with fixed network and CPU speeds. Then we load your website and load detailed debug data to help you optimize it.

Metrics from real users

In addition to providing lab data we also use Google's CrUX API to show you how real Chrome users experience your website. This is the data that Google uses as a search engine ranking signal.

Request weight and bundle size

High Quality Test Data

PageSpeed Insights uses simulated throttling

That means the page is loaded on a fast network and on a fast device. Then Google estimates how fast your website would have loaded on a slower connection. However, this estimate is often inaccurate.

DebugBear collects data on a throttled connection

That means our performance data is more reliable and we can offer you more in-depth reporting to help you speed up your website.

Web performance monitoring: waterfall

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