Modern website monitoring

Track performance, errors, and Lighthouse scores. Access the data you need to fix problems.

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Keep your website fast

User-centric performance metrics

Track user experience based metrics like First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, and Time to Interactive.

Track CPU and memory consumption

See how client-side code execution impacts performance.

Monitor Lighthouse scores

Track Lighthouse scores for performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

Take action

Performance recommendations

Improvement opportunities tailored specifically to your website.

File-specific size monitoring

Wondering what part of your JS just got larger? DebugBear can track size changes even if the file hash changes over time.

Access past page versions

Wondering when a bug was introduced or how a feature used to work before? Load a fully interactive archive of the old page version in your browser.

How it works

Nothing to install

Just enter the URLs of the pages you want to monitor and we'll do the rest.

Daily monitoring and alerts

Every 24h DebugBear loads and analyzes your website. If there's been a big change we'll let you know.

Advanced features

Access pages behind authentication. Disable GDPR notices with custom scripts. Block third-party requests to monitor just your own code.

Get set up in minutes. No changes to your website necessary.

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