Core Web Vitals Monitoring

Track real-user Web Vitals data and continuously run lab-based Lighthouse tests.

Improve SEO and user experience.

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Core Web Vitals Monitoring Dashboard
”We've updated around 15,000 pages and saw some nice gains from it. "Good URLs" and their impressions have increased 3x since implementation.“
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Rafayel Begoyan
Senior SEO Specialist at CoinStats
”We love DebugBear. It has proven useful time and time again. I evaluated the different competitors and DebugBear was the best overall product.“
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Rafael Corral
Senior Software Engineer
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Continuously track Google Web Vitals

Track Google data

DebugBear tracks how your metrics in Google's Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) change over time.

Real-user and lab-based testing

Run scheduled page speed tests and collect real world analytics on your website.

Identify slow pages through the dashboard

View long-term performance trends and sort pages to identify those with the most potential for optimization.

Performance is part of Technical SEO

Core Web Vitals are used by Google as a search result ranking factor.

Web Vitals trend data

Lighthouse lab reports

Complement field data with lab data

Tests your website with Google Lighthouse every day, so you don't have to wait 28 days for the field data to update.

Like PageSpeed Insights, but more accurate

PSI uses a network simulation to quickly serve up data. This is less accurate than testing in a real throttled environment, making it harder to use lab data to explain what you see in the field. DebugBear provides data you can rely on.

Run tests from 20+ global locations

Pick test locations that match where your users are.

Full Lighthouse report with lab data

Real user monitoring

Collect data across your whole website

Install a analytics snippet and see what pages on your website are slow. Then use our detailed page experience data to optimize them.

Improve Interaction to Next Paint

Google's new Core Web Vitals metric is hard to debug in the lab. DebugBear tells you what page elements are causing long interaction delays.

Full Lighthouse report with lab data

Analyze performance with in-depth data

Beyond metrics and Lighthouse audits

DebugBear runs on top of Lighthouse, but it collects a large amount of additional debug data to help you understand and optimize your site speed.

Give developers the details they need

Share in-depth data on network and CPU activity, and compare different test results to understand a regression.

Debug web vitals with the request waterfall

Monitor Core Web Vitals

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