DebugBear Changelog

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28 Feb 2024

February 2024 Release Notes

Better dashboards to analyze LCP and INP, recommended experiments, and an easier monitoring setup with a website scan.
25 Jan 2024

January 2024 Release Notes

We've improved our real user monitoring dashboards, improved the request waterfalls in our lab tests, and published loads of new content.
28 Nov 2023

November 2023 Release Notes

We've expanded our RUM data to include LCP sub-parts and long animation frames. Plus we've published 5 new articles about web performance.
30 Oct 2023

October 2023 Release Notes

RUM request watefall, RUM network details, and better lab test recommendations.
29 Sep 2023

September 2023 Release Notes

Compare metrics across date ranges, re-run experiments, and save frequently used page and RUM filters.
29 Aug 2023

August 2023 Release Notes

We've launched a free INP debugger, added a RUM Core Web Vitals map, and added website favicons to make it easier to find your projects.
26 Jul 2023

July 2023 Release Notes

Get more data to debug slow real user experience, correlate page speed with bounce rate, configure RUM page groups and domains, and compare test results more easily.
27 Jun 2023

June 2023 Release Notes

Better page speed experiments, real-user percentile trends and LCP element preview, and upgrades to Chrome and Lighthouse.
29 May 2023

May 2023 Release Notes

Improved performance budgets, better webhooks, and new articles.
3 May 2023

April 2023 Release Notes

CrUX history data, new compare UI, more detailed data exports, better debug data for priority changes and preload headers.
31 Mar 2023

March 2023 Release Notes

We've updated the dashboard design, added support for reordering pages, added a metric trends tooltip, and now support read-only API keys.
23 Feb 2023

February 2023 Release Notes

Use the metric groups feature to customize your site speed dashboards. We've also upgraded Lighthouse and improved our performance recommendations.
27 Jan 2023

January 2023 Release Notes

You can now export test results as MP4, edit advanced settings like cookies more easily, and get a breakdown of the Lighthouse Performance score.
23 Nov 2022

November 2022 Release Notes

More performance metrics in the overview tab, a new test location in Israel, plus a Google Chrome update.
19 Oct 2022

October 2022 Release Notes

We've launched a free tool, improved performance recommendations, and published 3 new articles.
26 Sep 2022

September 2022 Release Notes

Better request initiator data, new test locations, and a chrome extension that surfaces observed metrics on PageSpeed Insights.
16 Aug 2022

August 2022 Release Notes

New trends view, more details in the request waterfall, new page filter options, and 3 new blog posts.
22 Jul 2022

July 2022 Release Notes

Debug each performance metric, view a video recording of the page load process, better Lighthouse audit comparisons, and more on SSL certificates.
20 Jun 2022

June 2022 Release Notes

Tracking Google's New Interaction to Next Paint metric, an updated request waterfall, and monthly trends data.
25 Mar 2022

March 2022 Release Notes

Run site speed experiments and check browser resource hints are working correctly.
7 Feb 2022

February 2022 Release Notes

Timeline annotations, webhooks, body hiding detection, and various UI improvements.
20 Dec 2021

December 2021 Release notes

Better weekly emails, identify the cause of LCP more easily, and an upgrade to Lighthouse 9.1
27 Oct 2021

October 2021 release notes

Core Web Vitals trendlines and a Microsoft Teams integration
3 Sep 2021

August 2021 release notes

Better web vitals data and easier request waterfall analysis.
22 Jul 2021

July 2021 release notes

New test scheduling options, Lighthouse 8.0, and weekly email reports.
1 Jun 2021

May 2021 release notes

Improved data to debug layout shifts and other web performance problems.
13 Apr 2021

April 2021 release notes

Test the performance of warm loads, view request headers and response bodies, and collapse the sidebar to focus on metric data.
4 Mar 2021

February 2021 release notes

DebugBear now has better support for the User Timing API, new server locations, and various UI improvements.
19 Jan 2021

January 2021 release notes

DebugBear now makes it easier to show historical metrics data for all monitored pages.
4 Dec 2020

November 2020 release notes

November brought a bunch of UX improvements, including the ability to set up monitoring for multiple test locations and devices at once.
1 Nov 2020

October 2020 release notes

DebugBear now supports tagging pages, blocking ads, and comparing aggregate metrics between pages.
2 Oct 2020

September 2020 release notes

You can now set up custom test devices and configure network and CPU throttling.
24 Aug 2020

August 2020 release notes

Performance test results now include a timeline showing a rendering filmstrip and CPU tasks. You now also disable scheduled tests for monitored pages.
30 Jul 2020

July 2020 release notes

Run performance tests multiple times to reduce variability.
21 Jul 2020

Improved list of network requests

You can now see more details about each network request, and all columns are sortable.
19 Jun 2020

Console tab redesign with code snippets

The Console output view has been redesigned and now includes code snippets where possible.
19 May 2020

Lighthouse 6.0

Lighthouse has been upgraded to version 6, introducing new performance metrics.
23 Mar 2020

Better and more customizable notifications

You can now customize the default alert critera used by DebugBear.
25 Feb 2020

HTML validation

DebugBear now validates the page HTML, in addition to testing site speed and Lighthouse scores.
20 Feb 2020

User flows

You can now run user flows before testing a page, for example to add an item to an ecommerce basket or go through a booking flow.
14 Feb 2020

API updates: TypeScript typings, custom headers, and access build results

The DebugBear API has been extended and the node module now exports TypeScript types.
24 Jan 2020

Capturing OCSP requests

The DebugBear request chart now shows requests made to check for certificate revocation.

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