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Track the speed of your website, delight your customers, and catch regressions before they impact your business.

Front-end website performance monitoring dashboard
”We've updated around 15,000 pages and saw some nice gains from it. "Good URLs" and their impressions have increased 3x since implementation.“
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Rafayel Begoyan
Senior SEO Specialist at CoinStats
”We love DebugBear. It has proven useful time and time again. I evaluated the different competitors and DebugBear was the best overall product.“
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Rafael Corral
Senior Software Engineer at Medium

Website speed monitoring

Modern site speed metrics

DebugBear keeps track of over 20 performance metrics, including First Contentful Paint, page size, and the overall Performance score reported by Lighthouse and PageSpeed Insights. You can also set up your own custom front-end performance metrics.

Detect when page speed goes down

Test your website every couple of hours and get alerts when something goes wrong. You don't need to change anything on your website, all you need is a URL you want to monitor.

Monitoring locations across the world

Users across the world will experience the performance of your website differently. So DebugBear provides test servers in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, and Brazil.

Synthetic website monitoring plus real user data

DebugBear runs tests in a consistent lab environment, but also surfaces the real user data that Google provides in the Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX).

Monitor website speed and compare website performance with competitors
Website performance recommendations to make your website faster

Speed up your website

Full performance report

DebugBear uses Lighthouse to give recommendations on how to speed up your site – the same tool that powers PageSpeed Insights.

See exactly what caused a regression

To fix a regression you need to know what caused it. DebugBear provides detailed information on what changed about your website, so you can identify the root cause.

Involve your whole team

Invite as many users as you need

Performance data needs to be accessible by your development, product, analytics, and marketing teams. DebugBear recognizes this and we put no limit on the number of team members you can add to your account.

Integrations to put data where you need it

Get alerts in Slack and report build results to GitHub. Or use the API to build a custom integration that fits your workflow.

Website speed monitoring alerts in Slack

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