Monitor Real User Core Web Vitals

Track how quickly your website loads for your visitors and get the data you need to optimize it.

Real user website monitoring
”We deal with customers in Regional Western Australia where network speed is slow. RUM allows us to measure real experiences from our customers own eyes rather than guessing what the true value may be.“
Web peformance monitoring user profile picture
Michael McGrady
Digital Marketing & Performance Specialist at Horizon Power
”We've updated around 15,000 pages and saw some nice gains from it. "Good URLs" and their impressions have increased 3x since implementation.“
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Rafayel Begoyan
Senior SEO Specialist at CoinStats

Track and improve the speed of your website

How are users experiencing my website?

Track Core Web Vitals data on your website over time. Identify regressions and check that your optimizations are working.

Where do these experiences happen?

Identify slow pages that need to be optimized.

What's responsible for slow experiences?

Identify user cohorts and how to optimize page speed for them.

Chart showing LCP data over time

Correlate page speed with user behavior

Compare speed and business metrics

See how page speed impacts bounce rate and user engagement.

Histogram showing LCP and bounce rate

Get actionable data to speed up your website

Page elements

See what page elements are responsible for the Largest Contentful Paint, cause layout shift, or are involved in slow interactions.

See user interactions and on-page navigations

Understand what lead up to a slow experience and where it happened.

Page elements responsible for the Largest Contentful Paint

See how fast your site is for users across the world

Server location impacts page speed

Users who are closer to your website servers spend less time waiting for your site to load. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) can help your website load faster globally.

World map showing LCP in different countries

Review specific experiences

View individual page experiences

See how real users have experienced your website and how their experience can be improved.

Histogram showing Largest Contentful Paint data

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