Privacy Policy

Data we collect

For product development, support, and security purposes we collect different types of data:

  • Server logs (e.g. IP address and request details)
  • Browser and device data
  • Transaction data (user and purchase details)
  • Service data (information you provide as part of using DebugBear)
  • Analytics data (how you used the site, e.g. what pages you visited)

Our staff may access your account for support requests and to ensure quality of service.

Third-party data processors

We share some data with the following services:

  • Intercom (feedback and support)
  • Mixpanel (website analytics)
  • Google Analytics (website analytics)
  • Twitter (conversion tracking)
  • Reddit (conversion tracking)
  • Google Ads (conversion tracking)
  • Stripe (payments)
  • Chargebee (payments)
  • Rollbar (error reporting)
  • Mailchimp (email services)
  • Youtube (embedded videos)
  • Sendgrid (email services)


We use the following cookies on our site ("*" indicates variable endings):

  • connect.sid: used to store data relating to your session (e.g. what user you're logged in as)
  • intercom-*: set by Intercom third-party for feedback and support
  • _ga*: set by Google Analytics for website analytics
  • mp_*: set by Mixpanel for website analytics
  • reddaid: used to track Reddit conversions
  • personalization_id: used to track Twitter conversions


The main DebugBear website and database are hosted in a Google Cloud data center in South Carolina.


If you have questions about how we handle your data please email

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