Privacy Policy

Data we collect

For product development, support, and security purposes we collect different types of data:

  • Server logs (e.g. IP address and request details)
  • Browser and device data
  • Transaction data (user and purchase details)
  • Service data (information you provide as part of using DebugBear)
  • Analytics data (how you used the site, e.g. what pages you visited)

Our staff may access your account for support requests and to ensure quality of service.

Third-party data processors

We share some data with the following services:

  • Intercom (feedback and support)
  • Mixpanel (website analytics)
  • Google Analytics (website analytics)
  • Twitter (conversion tracking)
  • Reddit (conversion tracking)
  • Google Ads (conversion tracking)
  • Stripe (payments)
  • Chargebee (payments)
  • Rollbar (error reporting)
  • Mailchimp (email services)
  • Youtube (embedded videos)
  • Sendgrid (email services)


We use the following cookies on our site ("*" indicates variable endings):

  • connect.sid: used to store data relating to your session (e.g. what user you're logged in as)
  • intercom-*: set by Intercom third-party for feedback and support
  • _ga*: set by Google Analytics for website analytics
  • mp_*: set by Mixpanel for website analytics
  • reddaid: used to track Reddit conversions
  • personalization_id: used to track Twitter conversions

Slack integration

DebugBear only stores key information about your Slack workspace, for example the user id, workspace id, or channel name. It does not have read access to your messages or channel list.


If you have questions about how we handle your data please email

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