Monitoring Web Performance at Medium

Industry: Publishing
Country: United States

In this case study, Rafael Morral talks about how his team uses DebugBear at Medium.

What problem were you trying to solve?

My team is responsible for web performance but cannot review every piece of code that is added to the codebase and that could potentially have an effect on performance. I was looking for a tool that could monitor different pages and tell us when performance was severely impacted.

Why did you pick DebugBear?

I evaluated a lot of the different competitors and DebugBear was the best overall product with very competitive pricing. I also enjoyed how Matt responded quickly and personably to my first inquiry on the product.

How has DebugBear helped your team?

DebugBear has proved itself on numerous occasions. A few examples:

  • Our image service stopped serving PNG files, we apparently didn't have a test for this, but DebugBear let us know that there were many 404s from numerous pages.
  • Invalid HTML. An engineer had pushed a change that added an attribute to a BUTTON element that was invalid.
  • An engineer had pushed a change that accidentally added a large npm module to the client-side bundle.
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