Test and Monitor Page Speed

Analyze website performance and optimize SEO and user experience.

Front-end web performance monitoring dashboard
”We love DebugBear. It has proven useful time and time again. I evaluated the different competitors and DebugBear was the best overall product.“
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Rafael Corral, Senior Software Engineer at Medium

Website performance tests

Page speed reports

Get actionable page speed reports based on Lighthouse, the tool that powers Google's PageSpeed Insights service.

Mobile and desktop devices

Test speed on mobile and desktop. Customize network settings and CPU speeds.

10+ test locations

Page speed depends on where in the world your users are accessing your website from. DebugBear runs analyzes site performance from test locations across the globe.

Front-end web performance monitoring dashboard
Front-end web performance monitoring dashboard

Monitor page speed

Continous reporting

DebugBear continously test performance of your website and identify problems before they affect your customers.

Automated alerts

When a new performance problem is detected you can find out about it by email or in Slack.

Benchmark against the competition

Monitor competitor websites to track how well you perform in your industry.

”DebugBear delivers the best stats for before and after changes in exquisite detail. It also shows clear and easy to find data for Google's Web Vitals changes coming this year.
Tony Cosentino, Owner at The WP Guy
”DebugBear has a bug-free simple UX. I was able to set it up for our team in less than an hour, and everyone is using it now.
George Nurijanian

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