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Test And Optimize Page Speed

How fast is your website?

A slow website will reduce your organic SEO traffic from Google and lower conversion rates for people who find your site.

Free website analysis

See what resources your website loads, watch a video recording of how it renders, and see if third-party code is slowing you down.

Recommendations to speed up your website

Our page speed checker shows you opportunities to make your website faster.

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What Are Core Web Vitals?

Google uses website performance as a ranking signal

Check if your website is doing well

Our web performance test uses Google's APIs to show you how fast your website is for real users and whether this could impact rankings.

Learn More About Web Vitals
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Monitor Site Speed Over Time

Track your metrics with a paid DebugBear account

See how your metrics change over time and compare historical test results to each other to see what changed.

Advanced test configuration

Test site speed from 20 global test locations using mobile and desktop devices. Test pages that require authentication and set up performance budgets.

Monitor My Website
Charts showing how performance changed over time

Learn About Web Performance

Learn how to read a request waterfall

Learn how to optimize Largest Contentful Paint

Read The DebugBear Blog
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How Is The DebugBear Speed Test Different?

More accurate data than Page Speed Insights

More in-depth reporting than Pingdom

Unlike Pingdom, DebugBear provides a detailed debug data you can use to optimize your site.

Real-user metrics you won't find in GTmetrix

GTmetrix is a great lab testing tool, but doesn't surface the Google metrics that actually determine how well your website ranks.

A Lighthouse report with simulated and observed metrics shown

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