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· Updated on · 10 min read

A lot has been going on in the web performance space, especially since the introduction of Google's Core Web Vitals.

This article looks at changes to how we measure page speed and how new web platform features can help you keep your website fast.

· Updated on · 8 min read

The way we measure and optimize website speed is always changing. New web standards are introduced (and eventually widely supported), new tools are developed, and new metrics suggested.

This article takes a look at some of the ways that the web performance landscape changed in 2022.

· Updated on · 11 min read

Site builders let you create your own website without writing any code, but the websites they generate aren't always fast. Slow page load times not only affect the experience of your visitors, but can also hurt SEO.

I built a similar website using 14 different website builders and tested their site speed. This post first presents the overall results and then looks at each website maker in detail.

· Updated on · 11 min read

A story on Hacker News recently argued that webpage speeds haven't improved, even as internet speeds have gone up.

This article explains why that conclusion can't be drawn from the original data.

· Updated on · 7 min read

Live chat widgets are a quick and easy way to contact support. However, adding live chat to your website will impact its performance, as the browser needs to download and run the code to display the widget.

I tested 21 different chat widgets to see how they impact page performance.