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The INP metric measures how quickly your website responds to user input. For example, when a visitor clicks a button INP tells you how soon after the interaction the page updated visually.

What does the INP Debugger do?

Most lab tools like PageSpeed Insights don't simulate interactions with the page. Our INP checker automatically interacts with page elements and reports the interaction delay in milliseconds.

Test Interaction to Next Paint

See what interaction delays real Chrome users experience your website.

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Test result of the INP debugger showing interaction delays.

INP becomes a Core Web Vitals Metric In March 2024

What are Core Web Vitals?

The Core Web Vitals are a set of three user experience metrics that Google uses as a ranking signal.

INP is replacing First Input Delay

Google is replacing the old First Input Delay (FID) with Interaction to Next Paint in March 2024.

Measure Interaction to Next Paint

Our INP tester reports both real user data from Google and INP data from our custom lab test.

INP CrUX data

Monitor Interaction to Next Paint

Measure INP across your whole website

DebugBear real user monitoring (RUM) can report INP issues across your whole website and helps you identify what pages to optimize first.

Prioritize the most important interactions

DebugBear RUM tells you what page elements were most commonly interacted with and how long each interaction took.

Keep track of Google's CrUX data

DebugBear not only provides its own monitoring but also keeps track of Google data that impacts rankings.

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Chart showing INP over time

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