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· Updated on · 17 min read

We regularly get requests to include carbon emissions in our website speed test results. However, we don’t display this data as it cannot be meaningfully calculated for a particular website just based on the URL.

This article explains how the internet contributes to carbon emissions, how CO2 calculators work, and why the numbers they report should not be used for decision-making.

· Updated on · 6 min read

A slow website can not only negatively impact the experience for visitors, but also make it harder for new users to find the website.

Page speed measures how long it takes for a website to load. After navigating to a page, it often takes several seconds for the page content to appear.

This article looks at some of the reasons why site speed matters to your users. We’ll also look at case studies showing the results that different companies have seen from optimizing site performance.

· Updated on · 9 min read

Creating a web performance team is essential for many online businesses. Improving web performance for the long term requires a culture that understands the value of performance and treats it as a priority.

Setting up a team comes with a variety of challenges, many of them depending on your company and its culture. This post guides you through some of these difficulties.