24 Aug 2020

August 2020 release notes

Filmstrips and CPU timeline

Each DebugBear result now contains a filmstrip and CPU timeline. Use it to understand how your page renders and what's holding back performance.

Web performance filmstrip

Compare filmstrips

You also select "Filmstrips" on the project overview page to compare performance with your competitors.

Comparing site speed with competitors

Disable scheduling for pages

If you primarily use the API to trigger tests you can now disable scheduled tests.

Only test web performance as needed

Set up monitoring for many URLs more easily

Do you have 10 URLS you need to monitor? Instead of submitting the "new page" form 10 times you can now set all of them up in one go.

You can specify page titles by putting a space after the URL followed by the desired title. If no title is passed in the origin and pathname will be used, for example "example.com – /about".

Bulk website monitoring setup

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