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July 2020 release notes

· One min read

Run performance tests multiple times to reduce variability.

Here's a roundup of some of the changes we've made recently.

Reduce variability by running tests multiple times

You can now run tests up to 7 times and then save the median result. This removes outliers and results and avoids unnecessary alerts.

Running each performance test once, 3 times, 5 times, or 7 times

Annual plans

Save 20% on your subscription by paying annually.

Two new monitoring locations

See how users in Mumbai and Singapore experience the performance of your website.

Lighthouse 6.1

Lighthouse 6.1 includes bug fixes, more data on long JS tasks, and a new SEO audit that makes sure search engines can crawl your links.

DebugBear now also uses Chrome 84 to test your pages.

Page loaded conditions

Does Lighthouse sometimes finish the test before your page has fully loaded? You can now set up a JavaScript expression that needs to be fulfilled before the test finishes.

New articles

Reduce variance between Lighthouse runs

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Performance impact of Chrome extensions

First Contentful Paint and how to improve it

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