3 Sep 2021

August 2021 release notes

Web Vitals tab

If you want to optimize Web Vitals DebugBear now provides all the metrics in one place. You can also see the DOM element that caused the Largest Contentful Paint, and a list of the layout shifts that occurred on the page.

In addition to the DebugBear lab data, the tab also shows real user metrics from the Chrome User Experience Report.

DebugBear Web Vitals tab

Improved request waterfall

The request waterfall now shows badges for render-blocking requests (B) and resources that are preloaded (L).

Render-blocking and preloaded files

Improved trendlines

You can now choose to view daily instead of weekly trendline data. In addition to trendlines for Lighthouse scores and Performance metrics you can now also look at HTML and console errors.

Page error trendlines

Upgrades to Chrome and Lighthouse

DebugBear now runs tests using Chrome 92 and Lighthouse 8.3.0.

Blog posts

Why does Lighthouse lab data not match field data? – PageSpeed Insights often shows very different values for the two types of metrics, and this article explains why that is. CSP error noise caused by Chrome extensions – I tested 1000 Chrome extensions to see how many of them cause false CSP error reports.

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