27 Oct 2021

October 2021 release notes

Field data trendlines

Want to get a high-level overview of how your Web Vitals are developing over time? The project page can now show lab and field data for the last 10 weeks.

Web vitals lab and field data

Microsoft Teams integration

You can now get alerts not only in Slack and by email, but also in a Microsoft Teams channel.

MS Teams site performance alert

New blog posts

Optimizing Core Web Vitals without improving site performance – This blog post takes a look at how Chrome measures the Core Web Vitals, and how easy it is to game them Blowing up HTML size with responsive images – a case study showing how too many possible image resolutions can lead to a 3 MB HTML document

HTML Size Analyzer

We launched a new free developer utility: the HTML Size Analyzer

This tool make it easy to detect bloat like large React hydration state or inline images.

HTML size analyzer

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