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February 2021 release notes

· One min read

DebugBear now has better support for the User Timing API, new server locations, and various UI improvements.

Track user timing measures

The User Timing API lets you create custom performance metrics for your website. Before, DebugBear only kept track of the performance.mark load time metrics. Now you can also see performance.measure entries.

tracking performance.measure entries

One metric per chart

Combining many metrics in chart can help give context, but can also make it hard to make out individual metric data. The One metric per chart option allows you to break down the Performance charts.

Separate charts for each metric

New server regions

You can now test site speed from the following additional regions:

  • Canada (Montreal)
  • US Central (Iowa)
  • US West CA (California)

Export project metrics

Click the Export button in the top right of the project overview page to generate a CSV with data for all your sites.

Project CSV export

Lighthouse 7.2

DebugBear now uses the latest version of Lighthouse.

Delete test results

You can now delete individual test results, for example if your site was down for a few moments.

Delete performance test result

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