21 Jul 2020

Improved list of network requests

The list in the requests tab now shows the request duration by default, and you can add other columns as well. You can also click on the column headers to sort by that column.

Response time in list of requests

For example, you can break down the request duration into time spent on each part of the HTTP transaction: DNS lookup, TCP connection, SSL connection, Time to First Byte, and actually downloading the response content.

DNS, TCP, SSL, TTFB, and download

Or you can look at the content encodings, decoded response size, and response statuses. The request start time is relative to when the initial document request was made.

Request response status and content encoding

Larger request changes will also in the overview tab. Here you can see that the First Contentful Paint increased because the response for the initial document request took longer.

Overview tab list of requests

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