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October 2020 release notes

· 2 min read

DebugBear now supports tagging pages, blocking ads, and comparing aggregate metrics between pages.

Manage monitored pages with tags

You can now tag your pages to make them easier to group and filter. Check your project settings to show tags in the navbar.

DebugBear tags

Order pages by metric

Another improvement to the page listing: sort pages by metric to identify pages that are slow or have SEO opportunities.

Click on the heading for the metric column to enable sorting. In this screenshot we're sorting by First Contentful Paint.

Pages ordered by First Contentful Paint

Block ads and tracking

Device settings now have an option to block ads and tracking using uBlock. This helps reduce test variability and makes sure DebugBear tests don't impact analytics. However, if the ads on your site have a meaningful performance impact, it can also skew your results and make them look better than they are.

Ad blocking option in the device settings

Stats mode for the page comparison

Stats mode allows you to aggregate data over a time range to identify longer-term trends. You can enable stats mode via the date dropdown.

Stats mode for page performance comparison

You can also aggregate metrics across all pages in order to track trends across your website, rather than for specific pages.

Aggregated page performance metrics

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