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Tags let you to group pages into different categories, and make it easy to filter the list of all monitored pages.

Adding tags when editing a page

Follow these steps to add tags to a monitored page:

  1. Edit the page, or create a new page
  2. Click Show Advanced
  3. Click Tags
  4. Type the name of your tag and press the Enter key
  5. Save or create your page

Add tag to a monitored URL

Bulk adding tags

You can add tags to many pages in one go. Start by going to the project overview page, open the View dropdown, and select Bulk Edit.

Enter bulk edit mode

There are two ways to select the pages that tags are added to:

  • Use the page filter options and the search field
  • Toggle the checkbox on the left of each page

Then add a tag in the Add tags field and click Update N Pages.

Bulk add tags to pages

Showing tags in the project sidebar

If you frequently want to view certain tags you can add a link to them in the sidebar.

Showing page tags in the sidebar

Click the project Edit button in the top right corner, and then select the Tags tab.

You'll see all tags that are used in your project. Check the ones that should show in the sidebar.

Enable nav tags