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May 2021 release notes

· 2 min read

Improved data to debug layout shifts and other web performance problems.

Improved timeline

The DebugBear timeline now shows user timings, layout shifts, as well as when chunks for each request are received. Plus you can select a time range and zoom in!

DebugBear performance timeline

Layout Shifts table

The Performance tab now includes a list of all layout shifts, letting you see exactly what caused a change to your Cumulative Layout Shift metric.

DebugBear layout shifts

Delete tests and trigger pages in bulk

You can now trigger ad-hoc tests for all pages in your project, or a bunch of pages you no longer need in one go.

DebugBear bulk edit and trigger

Create custom metric charts

Create charts combining any number of metrics in the Performance tab.

Custom performance metric charts

Disable default wait

On some pages the CPU and network never become fully quiet. As a result the Lighthouse test ends up timing out.

To test these pages you can now disable the default Lighthouse wait and instead use your own custom condition, for example an element that exists in the DOM.

Disable default Lighthoue wait

New blog posts

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