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· Updated on · 10 min read

Network request waterfalls show what resources are loaded when opening a website. This helps developers and website owners understand why different content elements show up at different times and how it can be optimized.

Recently I made a wall calendar with 12 request waterfalls for a conference, highlighting different web performance issues. This article goes through these waterfalls one by one and explains what they show. You can also test your own website to see what you can optimize.

· Updated on · 6 min read

When opening a website your browser downloads a bunch of text files, for example the HTMl document, CSS stylesheets, or JavaScript application code. The larger these files are the longer it will take load them and visitors will have to wait longer for your page content to appear.

This article takes at HTTP text compression, a simple but effective way to reduce your page weight and improve page load time. We'll also compare the two most common text compression algorithms, GZIP and Brotli.