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· Updated on · 8 min read

Page weight is one of many metrics used to measure the performance of a website. It looks at how much data needs to be downloaded after opening a page.

This article looks at what factors contribute to high page weight, how you can optimize it, and what it means for SEO and page speed.

· Updated on · 6 min read

I've always been annoyed by the slow speed of the Google Cloud Console web app. In 2020 I wrote about how a single page loads 16 MB of JavaScript. That same page now loads 21 MB.

But are other cloud providers better? I looked at real-user data from the Chrome User Experience Report and also ran my own tests.

This article looks at Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure.

· Updated on · 5 min read

Older browsers don’t support many of the modern features that have been added to JavaScript, such as the array spread operator and the Object.entries method. To support older browsers while still taking advantage of these modern features, you need a compilation step that transforms the cutting edge JavaScript in your codebase to production code that works in all browsers.

Babel is the most popular tool used to do this transformation. The env preset allows you to transpile JavaScript to be compatible with a list of browsers you wish to support. This article will discuss the effects on compiled JavaScript file size when changing which browsers you support in Babel.

· Updated on · 5 min read

It's easy to keep adding new packages and lose track of the size of your Webpack, Parcel, or Rollup bundle. But large JavaScript files slow down your page not just because they take longer to download, but also because more time is spent parsing, compiling, and executing JavaScript code.

This article outlines some tips and strategies to avoid these performance problems by reducing the size of your JavaScript bundles. Reducing your bundle size can help your website load slower and improve Core Web Vitals metrics like Interaction to Next Paint.