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January 2023 Release Notes

· 2 min read

You can now export test results as MP4, edit advanced settings like cookies more easily, and get a breakdown of the Lighthouse Performance score.

Video export

You can now export the video view as an mp4 file. Demonstrate site speed issues and the impact of your optimizations to clients and the rest of your team.

Video export

Improved advanced settings: set cookies, headers, and Basic Auth

You can now run performance tests more easily with cookies, custom HTTP headers, and HTTP basic authentication for your website.

Advanced settings

Bulk Edit

The Bulk Edit UI now supports some advanced settings:

Bulk edit UI


You can now set up pages with advanced settings in the API, like this:

const page = await project.createPage({
name: "Example",
url: "",
advancedSettings: ["Staging Basic Auth", "A/B Test Cookie"],

This currently works for cookies, Basic Auth, HTTP headers, and JavaScript snippets.

New Lighthouse score breakdown

We now show a breakdown when hovering over the lab score.

Lab score breakdown

You can also click on the score to see a more detailed breakdown and debug each metric.

Detailed score breakdown

Desktop free test

Our free website speed test now lets you choose between running the test on desktop or mobile device.

Speed test desktop mobile toggle

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