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Data Export

Download your DebugBear monitoring metric data as CSV or JSON, or export video recording to show your site performance or benchmark against competitors.

As an alternative to the web UI you might also consider:

  • Retrieving metric data through the API
  • Having every test result sent to you through webhooks

How to export DebugBear data as CSV or JSON

Export project data

  1. Open the project overview page
  2. Click Export in the top right corner

Export icon

  1. Click CSV or JSON and export the data you're looking for

Project export

Available export types for project data

All data exports use your already selected page filters.

Most recent results

This export includes the most recent metrics for each page.

Most recent test results

Data for the last 8 weeks

This export includes metrics for all test results for the last 8 weeks.

Full metrics export


This option is only available when the trends view is selected.

The trends export compares two different time periods, showing your already selected metrics.

Trends export

Export page data

  1. Open the page whose data you want to export
  2. Click Export in the the top right corner
  3. Select CSV or JSON

Data formats

Export as CSV

Here's an example of what a CSV page export looks like:

Exported CSV with monitoring data

Export as JSON

Here's an example of what the JSON page export looks like:

Exported JSON with monitoring data

Export test result as MP4 videos

You can export video recordings of how pages loads from the Overview tab of your test results.

Video export dialog

  1. Find the Video Recording panel and click Export
  2. If desired, customize the title of the recording
  3. Click Export Video and wait for up to one minute
  4. Click Download Video

A recording showing the rendering progress of the page will be generated.

Exported video

Demonstrating the impact of optimizations

After deploying an update to your site or running a site speed experiment you can show how the optimization benefits users.

Before and after comparison

Benchmarking against other sites

You can compare two different pages side by side to see how your website compares to the competition.

Use the Compare panel in the Overview tab and click Manually Select Tests. Then navigate to the other page and click Add To Comparison in the Compare panel.

Side by side speed comparison

Removing the DebugBear branding

Exports on the Corporate plan can be whitelabeled.

Export test results as PDF

We don't currently support exporting to PDF, but it's something we want to support in the future.

To do that we need to better understand the uses cases and requirements for this feature. Please email If you're interested in PDF export, email or book a call here.