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January 2024 Release Notes

· 2 min read

We've improved our real user monitoring dashboards, improved the request waterfalls in our lab tests, and published loads of new content.

Better early hints and connection data in the request waterfall

Our request waterfall now highlights requests that were triggered via 103 Early Hints.

Early Hints in a request waterfall

If a page uses preconnect hints, where the server connection is created separate from the resource request, we now show when the connection is created.

Preconnect hint

Updated real user monitoring dashboards

Our updated RUM dashboards now show more clearly how well you website is doing on the Core Web Vitals.

Core Web Vitals dashboard

RUM breakdown by technology

The "Tech" tab for the differnt page speed metrics lets you see how user experiences differ by the software, hardware, and network connection they use.

RUM tech breakdown

RUM INP load stage breakdown

The initial page load process often involves loading multiple scripts and rendering different page components. The INP stage breakdown lets you see whether INP is higher during the early stages of the page load process.

INP stage breakdown

Core Web Vitals insights

You may often see Core Web Vitals differences between real user data and lab test results. The Core Web Vitals insights section identifies these differences and provides possible explanations.

Web Vitals insights table

New articles

We've published a lot of new articles over the last two months, but here are some highlights:

And check out our beautiful new blog homepage!

Blog homepage with page speed articles

Watch a video about the Largest Contentful Paint

Watch our video on the LCP metric to learn how to improve your page load time.

Or check out this video if you're looking for an introduction to page speed and where it's going.

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