28 Nov 2023

November 2023 Release Notes

LCP sub-parts in RUM data

We now show the different components making up the overall LCP value in our real user data.

LCP sub-parts in RUM data

Long Animation Frame support

The proposed Long Animation Frames API can help you debug Interaction to Next Paint. If it's enabled on your website DebugBear will show long frame data as part of the individual user experiences.

Long Animation Frame data

Include Subdomains toggle

We've made it easier to control what domains your RUM data is collected from. By default all subdomains are included, but you can now untick "Include Subdomains" to specify only some specific subdomains to collect data from.

Include subdomains checkbox

INP Debugger component breakdown

Our free INP Debugger tool clicks around on your page to identify slow interactions. You can now expand each interaction to see the breakdown into input delay, processing time, and presentation delay.

INP breakdown

New articles

Youtube shorts

Check out our Youtube shorts videos on page speed optimization and monitoring.

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