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March 2024 Release Notes

· 2 min read

Better INP debug data, site-wide lab data averages, and real user Core Web Vitals alerts.

Interaction to Next Paint updates

Interaction to Next Paint (INP) became a Core Web Vitals metric in March! We've been updating our real user INP dashboard to better surface what you can do to optimize the metric.

DebugBear INP dashboard

DebugBear also supports the Long Animation Frames (LoAF) API that's now available in Chrome. This data can tell you what script files are responsible for slow INP interactions.

Long Animation Frame data

Site-wide lab data averages

Wondering if your website as a whole is getting faster? Our lab test dashboards now include an extra row showing the average across all selected pages.

Average page speed data

RUM TTFB Breakdown

Trying to analyze TTFB and figure out what's delaying the initial document load? The More Metrics tab in our real user monitoring feature now reports the TTFB breakdown data.

RUM TTFB components breakdown

LCP Development

As your website loads new largest elements are rendered, each bumping up the LCP score when it appears. Sometimes it's tricky to understand why a new LCP value is recorded, for example when a video poster disappears and is replaced with the first video frame, or when a slider is slightly resized. We now list each of these event in the lab test results:

LCP Development data

RUM alerting

DebugBear RUM now sends out alerts when there are Core Web Vitals changes on your website, whether that's improvements or regressions.

RUM alert

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