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Additional RUM Metrics

Along with the main metrics featured in the RUM sidebar, DebugBear also provides more specific metrics such as the load event or component breakdowns of the Core Web Vitals.

Looking at more specific metrics can help optimizing a particular metric easier. For example, taking a closer look at pages with high Input Delay can help you identify cases where background tasks contribute significantly to the overall INP score.

INP overview

How to find additional RUM metrics

You can find additional metrics by clicking the More tab.

More tab

Clicking a metric will show its individual dashboard with the familiar tabs.

Additional metrics dashboard

Rendering milestones

There are two rendering milestone metrics available:

  • DOMContentLoadedEvent: when the initial page HTML has been parsed
  • Load Event: when the page has loaded, included any dependent resources such as scripts and images

Rendering milestones

LCP Components

Largest Contentful Paint is made up of four sub-parts:

  • Time To First Byte: time to start loading the HTML document from the website server
  • LCP Resource Load Delay: time for the browser to discover the LCP image
  • LCP Resource Load Time: time for the browser to download the LCP image
  • LCP Render Delay: time for the browser to display the LCP image or other

Time To First Byte has its own metric dashboard in the sidebar so it is not featured here.

LCP components

INP Components

Interaction to Next Paint is made up of three components:

  • Input Delay: waiting for background tasks on the page that prevent the event handler from running
  • Processing Time: running event handlers in JavaScript
  • Presentation Delay: handling other queued up interactions, recalculating the page layout, and painting page content

Rendering milestones

TTFB Components

Time to First Byte can be broken down into the following components:

  • TTFB Redirect: time spent on same-origin redirects, for example if returns a 301 status code and redirects to
  • TTFB Wait: various wait times, for example service worker procesisng or cross-origin redirects
  • TTFB DNS: time spent looking up the IP address for the domain name
  • TTFB TCP: time spent establishing a reliable connection
  • TTFB SSL: time spent establishing a secure connection
  • TTFB Response: time spent waiting for the server to respond with the HTML document content
  • TTFB Download: time spent downloading the HTML document

TTFB components


  • Browser Uncached Ratio: percentage of requests that were served from a server rather than the browser cache.

This data can be useful to see if regressions can be caught over time and if extending cache duration can help.

Rendering milestones