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May 2023 Release Notes

· 2 min read

Improved performance budgets, better webhooks, and new articles.

Improved performance budgets

You can now define performance budgets for all available metrics. You'll see these budgets in the page dashboard and get alerts when a budget is breached.

In addition to that, budgets now support bulk editing.

Performance budget in DebugBear

Improve webhooks

Webhooks allow you to get notified of any test results on DebugBear.

Now you can filter webhook messages to only get notifications for specific pages or tests. Webhook messages also include information about breached performance budgets.

Webhook configuration

Interpret real-user LCP more easily

When the CrUX LCP metric is selected we now dispaly a breakdown that explains whether a high metric value is caused by server response time, render-blocking content, or by something else.

LCP breakdown

New articles

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