Performance Budgets

A web performance budget helps you avoid gradual performance regressions. It allows you to set limits on metrics related to your site performance.

If you set up a performance budget in DebugBear you'll get an alert when a page starts going over budget. You can also set up performance budeting for your CI builds.

What metrics can you set a budget for?

Right now these metrics are supported:

  • Page weight (Total, JavaScript, CSS, Images)
  • Lighthouse scores (Performance, Best Practices, Accessibility, SEO)

We'll add more metrics in the future, if you want to set a budget for a specific metric please contact support.

How to set up a performance budget

When creating or editing a monitored page click on the "Performance Budgets" label to expand the section.

A page can have two budgets:

  • a budget for scheduled analyses on production or staging
  • a budget for CI builds for a specific branch/commit

You can then create a new budget or edit an existing one.

Impact on CI builds

If you've set up a budget for API/CLI builds then the builds will fail if the page goes over budget. If you've set up the Github integration the build will also fail on Github.

Still need help? Contact for support.
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