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October 2022 Release Notes

· 2 min read

We've launched a free tool, improved performance recommendations, and published 3 new articles.

High-level real user and lab scores

We now show a high-level summary of your page at the top of the Overview tab, as well as pointing out the ranking impact in Google.

Lab and field scores

Free Site Speed Testing Tool

We've launched a free tool that lets you run tests without creating an account. Simply go to

Free tool

Better performance recommendations

Last months we launched our new recommendations feature. We've now added additional debug data to better show what each recommendation means.

LCP recommendation

Third party metrics

The Requests tab now shows additional information on third-party scripts.

Third party scripts

You can now easily compare performance this week to performance last week, or select your own custom date ranges. Then you can easily export this data as a CSV.

CSV trends export

New articles

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