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September 2022 Release Notes

· 2 min read

Better request initiator data, new test locations, and a chrome extension that surfaces observed metrics on PageSpeed Insights.

Better request initiator data

We've added a new Request Chain tab to the request details in the waterfall. This tab shows the dependencies of the request as well as any requests initiated by the resource.

Request initiator chain

You can also click Show request initiator chain to show the arrows in the unfiltered waterfall.

Performance recommendations

The Overview tab now shows a list of recommendations on how to speed up your website.

site speed recommendations

New test regions

We've added new test regions in Poland, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Taiwan.

DebugBear test regions

Site speed chrome extension

We launched a new extension that shows site speed metrics for the page you're on and lets you easily navigate to other site speed tools. It also surfaces the observed metrics on PageSpeed Insights.

Observed metrics in PageSpeed Insights

Other tweaks

  • Navigating from the project overview to the pages now uses the same date range for chart data
  • Resource hints with validation errors now show up in the waterfall

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