Site Speed by DebugBear

A Chrome extension for viewing Web Vitals and navigating to different testing tools.

Install Chrome Extension
Site speed chrome extension

Web Vitals Metrics

View Web Vitals for the Current Tab

Click the extension icon to see metrics for the page that you're currently on. FID and INP are only available after interacting with the page, for example by clicking on it.

Navigate to Dedicated Testing Tools

Quickly test your site using PageSpeed Insights, Treo, or WebPageTest.

View Page on DebugBear

If you're logged into a DebugBear account you'll be able to quickly navigate to the monitoring results for the current page.

Web vitals metrics in extension

Observed Metrics on PageSpeed Insights

Simulated Throttling on PageSpeed Insights

By default, Lighthouse runs page tests on a fast connection and then applies a simulation to estimate how fast the page would have a been on a slower connection.

Surfacing Observed Metrics

The Site Speed extension surfaces the original observed metrics that were collected by Chrome before throttling was applied.

Observed metrics on PageSpeed Insights

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