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August 2023 Release Notes

· 2 min read

We've launched a free INP debugger, added a RUM Core Web Vitals map, and added website favicons to make it easier to find your projects.

Icons for the project dropdown

We've updated the project selector to make it easier to find the right project for the different sites you're monitoring.

Project icon dropdown

RUM Core Web Vitals map

Our real user monitoring feature now shows what countries you meet the Core Web Vitals in and where you need to optimize.

RUM Core Web Vitals map

Updates to the Good (CrUX) metric

The Good (CrUX) metric tells you what percentage of user experiences are good across all three Core Web Vitals metrics. Google has announced that [Interaction to Next Paint (INP)[] will replace First Input Delay as a Core Web Vitals metric next year.

We've updated the Good (CrUX) metric to consider INP instead of FID. To view the old score, check out the Good (CrUX, Legacy) metric.

Free Tool: Debug Interaction to Next Paint

INP is hard to measure as it relies on user interactions on the page. To help you identify INP issues we've published the INP Debugger which automatically interacts with page elements and measures the interaction delay.

INP debugger screenshot

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