29 Sep 2023

September 2023 Release Notes

You can now select two date ranges and compare then when viewing your RUM metrics.

Over the coming months we're planning to add this functionality across all of our charts.

DebugBear RUM comparison

Re-run experiments

Experiments let you try out page speed optimizations before deploying any changes to your website. You can now re-run experiments or tweak the optimizations you've made.

Re-run experiment button

Saved filters

The saved filters feature makes it easy to create groups for of RUM page views or lab pages. Unlike when using tags any newly added pages are automatically included.

Saved page group in DebugBear

Interaction to Next Paint breakdown

DebugBear RUM now reports the three components of the Interaction to Next Paint metric:

  • Input Delay
  • Processing Time
  • Presentation Delay

INP breakdown

Analyze CSS Size

We've launched a new free tool, the [CSS Size Analyzer]. It lets you breakdown large CSS downloads and identify bloat like long selectors or embedded images.

CSS size breakdown

New articles

We've published two new Lighthouse-related articles:

We've also uploads a new Youtube shorts video on lab vs field data!

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