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December 2021 Release notes

· 2 min read

Better weekly emails, identify the cause of LCP more easily, and an upgrade to Lighthouse 9.1

Better weekly emails

The weekly emails now include details about specific pages, as well as information about the Google's CrUX metrics.

Weekly CrUX Web Vitals updates

If you're not already subscribed, you can get a preview of the weekly emails in the project Integrations tab.

View weekly email preview button

LCP highlight

The DebugBear filmstrip timeline now highlights the LCP element.

LCP in filmstrip

If the LCP element is an image this will also be shown in the request waterfall.

LCP in the request waterfall

Request initiator snippets

DebugBear now shows more call stack data for request initiators.

Request initiator callstack

Lighthouse 9.1 / Chrome 95

DebugBear now runs tests using the latest version of Lighthouse, including a redesign of the Lighthouse report.

Chrome has been upgraded from version 92 to 95.

CLI --output flag

You can now save API test result data to file without having to write a Node script.

New Lighthouse bulk simulation tool

Want to see how different network speeds affect your website speed? This tool runs Lighthouse with 100 different throttling settings.

Lighthouse throttling simulation

New blog posts

Which web vitals metrics is hardest to pass? – only 46% of mobile origins pass the LCP threshold
Measuring user flow performance with Lighthouse – Lighthouse is adding support for auditing user flows
Recording a user flow in Chrome DevTools – DevTools now lets you generate Puppeteer scripts

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