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February 2022 Release Notes

· 2 min read

Timeline annotations, webhooks, body hiding detection, and various UI improvements.

Timeline annotations

You can now mark changes to your site on the performance charts.

Site speed changes annotated on chart


Want to import DebugBear metrics into your own analytics solution? You can now set up webhooks to deliver every test result to a URL on your server.

Anti-flicker snippet detection

A/B testing tools sometimes hide page content using CSS – DebugBear now detects this.

Anti-flicker snippet shown as warning

Export historical data for the whole project

The project export dialog now lets you export the last 8 weeks of data.

Export dialog

See in-progress tests

The project overview page now shows how many tests are in progress, and lets you reload the page when they have finished.

In-progress test indicator

Easier comparison of individual tests

Want to compare a test with ads to one without? Previously the UI for this was really difficult to use, but now you can simply add the tests result you're currently viewing to the comparison.

Compare two test results

New blog posts

How anti-flicker snippets from A/B testing tools impact site speed – a look at why A/B testing tools can increase LCP and what to do about it
How DebugBear uses DebugBear to run DebugBear – learn how we use DebugBear internally
5 Site speed tools for Technical SEOs – a list of some great tools and the advantages of each one
Working with web performance budgets – learn why performance budgets are useful and how to get started

Also, Steve Walker talks about how Journey Further uses DebugBear to monitor their site speed.

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