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August 2022 Release Notes

· 2 min read

New trends view, more details in the request waterfall, new page filter options, and 3 new blog posts.

The project overview now lets you see which of your pages has had consistent metric changes.


Waterfall Improvements

We now show additional data in the request waterfall:

  • Long CPU tasks are shown in orange in the waterfall
  • Lazy loaded images and iframes are highlighted
  • Scripts are marked as defer/async if applicable
  • Priority hints/fetchpriority is shown for requests
  • New request index column
  • An asterisk for the priority column indicates if the request priority changed


Advanced Page Filters

Quickly find pages on a specific domain or with a specific tag.

Advanced Filter

Other Improvements

  • Test site speed from the new Poland/Warsaw test location
  • You can now link to specific parts of a test result – click the section title to update the link
  • We now run tests with Lighthouse 9.6.5.

Finally, we made it easier to compare test results to tests other than the previous one.

New Articles

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