A Website Monitoring Alternative To SpeedCurve

DebugBear helps you optimize page speed and Core Web Vitals

Use experiments to try out performance optimizations.

Speedcurve alternative page speed dashboard
”We've updated around 15,000 pages and saw some nice gains from it. "Good URLs" and their impressions have increased 3x since implementation.“
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Rafayel Begoyan
Senior SEO Specialist at CoinStats
”We love DebugBear. It has proven useful time and time again. I evaluated the different competitors and DebugBear was the best overall product.“
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Rafael Corral
Senior Software Engineer at Medium

Run lab tests from 20+ test locations

Track page speed over time

DebugBear runs tests on a schedule, visualizes site speed over time, and alerts you when there’s a performance regression.

Monitor Google Lighthouse scores

DebugBear builds on top of Google Lighthouse but expands on it with detailed debug data and high-quality data.

Front-end web performance monitoring dashboard
Request weight and bundle size

Track Google Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals field data

DebugBear uses Google's Chrome User Experience Report (CrUX) to show how real user experience your website. This is important, as it's what Google uses in its search rankings.

Web Vitals debugging

Our product is built to help marketing and developments teams optimize their Core Web Vitals. Get detailed reports for each metric and see how you can optimize it.

Run site speed experiments

Try out optimizations without deploying code

Simply modify the page HTML to add a priority hint, preload, or remove a render-blocking script. See how fast the page would be with that change.

Create detailed tickets for your team

"Improve Core Web Vitals" is too broad. Experiments let you try out potential optimizations and share the ones that work best with your development team.

Site speed experiements
Web performance monitoring: filmstrip and list of request

How is DebugBear different from Speedcurve?

Both are solid tools

Speedcurve and DebugBear provide reliable web performance data, performance recommendations, and detailed request waterfall for debugging. A lot comes down to what works better for you.

Easy to set up

Simply paste the URL of your website or that of a competitor into DebugBear to start monitoring it.

Speedcurve collects real user data on your website

DebugBear currently focusses on lab tests and Google data.

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