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RUM Saved Filters

Filters allow you to look at a subset of real user monitoring experiences on your website. Saved filters make it easy to access your most commonly used filter settings.

How to create a saved filter

To save a filter:

  1. Toggle filters on and make your selections.
  2. Click Apply Filter

Open saved filters dialog

  1. Click Save
  2. Enter the name of your filter
  3. Click Save Filters

Enter filter name and save

How to select a saved filter

Once your filter has been saved you select it from the Saved Filters dropdown.

Available saved filters

How to update a saved filter

To update a filter, open the saved filters dropdown and click Update.

You can also use Save As to create a new filter with a different name.

Updating a saved filter

How to delete a saved filter

To delete a filter, make sure the filter is selected then click the Delete.

Updating a saved filter