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Metric Groups

Metric Groups allow you to customize your site speed dashboard to see the metrics you care about most.

Select custom metrics on the dashboard

A dropdown menu on the project dashboards offers a selection of pre-defined metric groups as well as custom metric groups you've saved in your account.

Select a metric group to view trendlines for the selected set of metrics. The dropdown at the bottom of the menu shows what metrics are included in the current group and lets you select additional metrics.

In this screenshot the Lighthouse metric group is selected, which includes the four lighthouse category scores.

Dashboard View of Metric Groups Menu in Debugbear

Select custom metrics in the page details view

You can also select metric groups in the Overview tab in the page details view.

Page View of Metric Groups in Debugbear

Custom User Timing Metrics

DebugBear supports custom metrics added with the User Timing API. For example, this screenshot shows a user timing mark that was created with performance.mark("beforeRender").

Mark example of custom metric group in Debugbear

Save Metric Group

After adding or removing metrics in the dropdown you can click Save As Metric Group to re-use the selection later and share it with your team.

Saving a Metric Group in DebugBear

Enter a name and click Save.

Enter to Save a Metric Group in Debugbear

Manage Metric Groups

To manage metric groups first select Project Settings in the sidebar. Then open the Metric Groups tab.

Sidebar Menu and List of Metric Groups in DebugBear

Click the pencil icon to edit the name of a metric group or to add and remove metrics.

Edit A Metric Group in DebugBear