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DebugBear Documentation

DebugBear continuously monitors page speed and Core Web Vitals:

Check out these articles to get started with DebugBear:

New to web performance? The recommended articles on our blog provide an introduction to page speed and Core Web Vitals.

Lab-based testing​

DebugBear's lab (or synthetic) monitoring features provide deep insight into your page speed, let you analyze and fix regressions, and offer automated recommendations to make your website faster.

Plus, you can run page speed experiments to try optimizations without deploying code to production!

Lab-based page speed test

Real user monitoring​

Real user monitoring data is less detailed than lab data – but it's how your actual visitors are experiencing your website!

DebugBear RUM monitors web vitals and other metrics over time and helps you identify and fix your most important page speed issues.

Real user web vitals dashboard

Need help?​

Do you have question about how to set up your DebugBear account? Want a demo? Not sure how to interpret your test results? We're happy to help!