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Front-end web performance monitoring dashboard
”We love DebugBear. It has proven useful time and time again. I evaluated the different competitors and DebugBear was the best overall product.“
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Rafael Corral, Senior Software Engineer at Medium
”DebugBear's dashboard lets us see Core Web Vitals at a glance. At the same time, we're able to examine each result in a developer-friendly way.“
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John Bacon, Product Manager at GigSalad

Be faster than your competition

Monitor Web Vitals

Track user-centric performance metrics like Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift.

Track custom site speed metrics

Use the User Timing API to monitor custom metrics tailored to your website.

Monitor Lighthouse scores

Lighthouse is the tool that powers Google's PageSpeed Insights service. Track scores for performance, accessibility, and SEO.

Benchmark against the competition

Compare trends across different websites, and the optimize performance of your site.

Front-end web performance monitoring dashboard
Request weight and bundle size

Increase developer productivity

Reporting that goes beyond metrics

Your page load times just went up, but why? DebugBear shows an in-depth comparison between any two test results, allowing you to see what changed.

Efficiently debug front-end performance problems

Use detailed data on rendering, CPU tasks, and network requests to identify what's holding back rendering or making your page unresponsive.

Monitor JavaScript bundles

Loading and running modern JavaScript apps can negatively impact performance. DebugBear tracks the size of your JavaScript bundles over time and shows you which file got bigger and why.

Easy to set up, but packed with features

Nothing to install

Just enter the URLs of the pages you want to monitor and we'll do the rest.

Share results with your team

Invite as many users as you need, or give everyone access with a shareable URL.

Configure device type and location

Monitor mobile and desktop performance with custom device and network speeds. Run tests from 10 global locations.

Advanced features

Access pages behind authentication. Disable GDPR notices with custom scripts. Block third-party requests to monitor just your own code. Set performance budgets to keep your site fast.

Web performance monitoring: filmstrip and list of request
web performance email alert

Catch regressions with zero-config alerts

Automatic change notifications

Did you JavaScript bundle get bigger? Got a slow server response? Added a new image without an alt tag? Using a deprecated API? All of these can trigger an alert.

Get alerts by email or in Slack

See front-end monitoring results where it's convenient to you.

Zero-config, but configurable

Significant changes are detected automatically, without the need to set up thresholds. But if you need to you can fully customize the alerts.

Integrate with your workflow

API access

Run tests with the API or configure monitored pages.

Continuous Integration and GitHub pull requests

Catch regressions early by testing each pull request with DebugBear. Report results to GitHub, a Slack channel, or your custom setup.

Test preview deployments on Vercel and Netlify

Automatically test preview deploymnets and catch regressions before they reach production.

Export monitoring results

Download metrics as CSV or JSON, or export data with the API.

Front-end website monitoring data in GitHub
”DebugBear delivers the best stats for before and after changes in exquisite detail. It also shows clear and easy to find data for Google's Web Vitals changes coming this year.
Tony Cosentino, Owner at The WP Guy
”DebugBear has a bug-free simple UX. I was able to set it up for our team in less than an hour, and everyone is using it now.
George Nurijanian

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