Shareable links

Shareable links allow you to give access to a project to anyone with the link. Users won't need to create an account to view the project.

Go to the monitoring results page you'd like to share and click "Share" in the top right of the screen.

Share button next to "Edit"

If the project isn't currently accessible with just a link you need to confirm you want to generate a shareable link. To do this, you need permission to manage access to the current project.

Confirm generate shareable link

Anyone you send the generated link to can view the page and project you're sharing.

Shareable link result

If you want to restrict project access to just users with a DebugBear account that has been granted project access you revoke shareable links you've generated.

Go to your the Team tab on your project homepage and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then click "Revoke shareable link".

Confirm generate shareable link

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