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You can use projects to organize your monitored pages on DebugBear.

Grouping pages into different projects also allows you to restrict who has access to your monitoring data.

Creating projects

Create projects by entering your Account settings, selecting the Projects tab, and clicking Create project.

Create project on DebugBear

Project settings

You can change the name of your project in the project settings.

Project quotas

Project quotas allow you to limit the number of scheduled tests that can be run in a project. This way you can allocate your test quota across your organization.

Project quotas on DebugBear

Archiving projects

Archiving a project prevents additional tests from being run in a project while still keeping existing monitoring results accessible.

Archiving projects

Users will be shown a message saying the project has been archived. If users in your organization are still actively using the project you can reactivate tests on it.

Archived projects