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Team access

You can share web performance data with your team by:

  • Inviting them to create a DebugBear account
  • Sending them a shareable link

Managing team members

There are two types of teams:

Admins have access to all projects in your account, can invite new users, and have access to billing settings.
Team Members can access specific projects in your account.

Entering team settings

Click the account icon in the top right of the page and then select Teams.

Managing DebugBear users

Inviting team members

By default every account has two teams: Admins and the Web Performance Team.

You can invite new members to these teams by email.

Managing DebugBear users

Configuring teams

You can choose which projects team members have access to.

By default team members can create new pages, edit existing ones, or trigger performance tests. You can disable this by switching their permissions to View only.

Managing DebugBear users

Admin rights

Account administrators on DebugBear can:

  • access all projects in your organization
  • add and remove users from your account and projects
  • access billing settings and invoices

Shareable links let you share site speed data with people who don't have their own DebugBear account.

A shareable link grants access to all pages in a project.

Go to the page you want to link to and click the Share icon in the top right of the screen.

Share button next to "Edit"

If this is the first time you've tried to share content in this project you'll need to activate shareable links. You need to be an admin to do this.

Click on Generate shareable link.

Once sharing has been activated any team member can generate additional links for this project.

Share button next to "Edit"

The share link will then be displayed.

Share button next to "Edit"

Admins can revoke share links by clicking the button at the bottom of the share dialog.

Share button next to "Edit"