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Team access

You can share data on DebugBear in three ways

  • by inviting them to create a DebugBear account
  • by generating a shareable URL


You can add users to the Admins team or create your a team with custom project access rights.

Managing DebugBear users

Inviting team members

  1. Enter Account settings
  2. Select the Teams tab
  3. Enter their email address in the form below the relevant team
  4. Click Add user

The invited user will receive an email that allows them to sign up and join your organization.

By default team members will have full edit access, you can change their permission to view-only using the Permissions dropdown.

Admin rights

Account administrators on DebugBear can:

  • access all projects in your organization
  • add and remove users from your account and projects
  • access billing settings and invoices

How to create a new team

  1. Enter Account settings
  2. Select the Teams tab
  3. Click Create team
  4. Set a team name
  5. Select what projects should be accessible to team members
  6. Add team members by email

Shareable links are an easy way to share monitoring data without requiring other users to sign up for a DebugBear account.

Go to the monitoring results page you'd like to share and click Share in the top right of the screen.

Share button next to "Edit"

If you haven't used shareable links for this project before an account admin will need to grant permissions to do this.

Confirm generate shareable link

Anyone you send the generated link to can view the page and project you're sharing.

Shareable link result

If you want to restrict project access to just users with a DebugBear account you revoke shareable links you've generated.

  1. Open the project that the shareable link is for
  2. Click Teams in the sidebar
  3. Click Revoke shareable link

Confirm generate shareable link